If you don’t know. I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana a few weeks ago from my home in Fort Wayne to seek new opportunity in one of the world’s major hubs of motorsport. For now, I only have the BMW with me. The Rx7 has to stay up in Fort Wayne for the time being. As I don’t know when, OR EVEN IF, I’ll be able to bring the car down with me.

With the fact that I live in a very small apartment with two other people and there isn’t much room to fit another car and all the spares with me in my new home. I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring it down here with me for a while. So, I’ll have to be content with the BMW, and taking it to events that won’t be too stressful on the car. As it’s the only mode of transportation that I have.

I digress. One day. Yes, one single day is all it took for me to pack up my camera gear in my new home and head out. Looking for speed to capture.

Our timing couldn’t have been any better. The same weekend I picked up my things and moved away from my home of twelve years. The SCCA Runoffs were up at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The yearly national finals for SCCA club racing were less than a thirty minute drive from where I live. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Being that this was the first time that Runoffs had made their yearly stop at IMS. The place was packed. Everyone was trying to cross off a box on their racing bucket list.

We were only able to attend the second half of Sunday’s racing. Missing out on two full days of racing. So when we arrived. Most of the competitors had packed their things and were making their way home. After catching the end of the Formula Vee race. We decided it best to walk the paddock and see what we could find.

Luckily for us. The first area we came across was Mazda’s massive tent. Parked inside were a few Miata’s, a Protoge, and a few rotary powered machines. Also scattered around, was a collection of various Rx7’s. Including one very special FD that I spotlighted earlier last week.

This is Dave. Born in New Zealand. Resident of California. US Navy Veteran. Owner of one pretty Fiat X19. Funny enough. He isn’t even the first Kiwi we’ve met within the confines of IMS. We seem to run into them all the time! They always have the best taste in cars as well.

GTL class was definitely a weird one to watch. Mini’s, a Toyota Tercel, a Paseo. A couple of Sentra’s. All led by some blindingly quick Honda CRX’s.

Just a little battle damage on this Mazda Prototype. While I don’t think it will be inexpensive to fix. At least the car wasn’t written off.


After walking the rest of the paddock. As well as grabbing some lunch from the track’s concessions. We walked up to our favorite place to watch. The second deck above turn one of the oval. To catch the HP and STU races before heading home.

Each of the races were exciting in their own right. But, after watching a couple more national champions be crowned. The event was over. Another year of SCCA club racing drew to a close in Indianapolis. I wish we could’ve caught more of the races on the previous days. However, we were pretty satisfied with what we were able to watch. So here’s hoping the SCCA liked IMS and is willing to return soon!


You can view the whole album of photos from the day on our Flickr.———-> HERE


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