This is what happens when you have nothing to lose. This MG Midget was participating in the HP class in this years SCCA Runoffs. Owned and driven by a man named Bob (didn’t have time to get many details) it unfortunately was not very competitive in class.

A couple months prior to Runoffs it was effectively written off in an event in St. Louis, Missouri. Bill told us that the whole front end of the car was basically, totally rebuilt. With not enough time to properly set up the car, he decided to just take the coils and lower them as far as possible. Like seriously the fender and the tire were touching in the front, and the rear tire was tucked under in the back. 

In all honesty it wasn’t the worst idea in the world. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a fairly smooth circuit, so bottoming out wouldn’t be much of an issue. In the end, it seemed that his efforts were fruitless. That being said, a guy from the small town of Greenville, Missouri caught the eyes of Afterburner, and he may not know what that means, but that is pretty hard to do. Thanks Bob

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