Welcome to the first bit of our coverage from the 2017 SCCA Runoffs from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I thought we could whet your pallet with a little peek of what we have in store with this. A GT-3 class FD3S Rx7.

While we couldn’t find the owner to figure out the exact details of the car. We could gather quite a lot with the clam-shell hood removed. Powered by an NA 13b. A 1.3 liter two rotor for those who don’t know. We can assume that it was running a pretty aggressive port in order to make enough power to be competitive in class. You’ll hear it in the video’s I’ve linked below. The car also seems to be running a very stout H-pattern dog box. With the ability to not clutch in while shifting. Minimal time is lost while changing gear.

Peering through the interior and noticing things, like the fact that it doesn’t have functioning doors. Has us thinking that most of original metal from Hiroshima has been removed. In favor of weight savings and better suspension geometry. Judging by the “Wide Five” wheels and very “circle track” looking suspension arms. I would wager a guess that this car was loosely based off of a late model stock car. OR, they used components from one to ease the sourcing of replacement parts. Were a problem to arise.

Running a Motec M400 ecu and a myriad of gauges. The driver can and will be properly informed about all the happenings of the 13b in front of him. Also within reach, the brake bias adjuster so that the amount of pressure put towards each to the Wilwood brake setup. Front or rear. Sitting in a Kirkey aluminum halo seat and gripping a d-shape Momo steering wheel. It’s no frills, all business in the interior.


A quick search of the SCCA’s records of the event shows that Rob Warkocki. The car’s driver and owner. Drove to a fifth overall finish after qualifying fourth. Pretty respectable. Considering the cars he was pitted up against.

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