I’ll try and keep this short. This event will be written, blogged, shared, posted, vloged, Instagramed, Facebooked, Tweeted……..you get the point. The event’s known as “Final Bout” have made quite the impact on the drifting scene here in the United States, the Midwest especially, these past four years.

With the events drawing to a sad, but justified end. It’s time to look back at our adventures up in Shawno, Wisconsin.

To say that Final Bout had a positive impact on the scene would be a massive understatement. These events have basically signaled the end of the “missle” era. Where anything went as long as it worked. Now, in order to even be considered “cool” your car has to perform just as good as it looks. Some people would call it the current trend. However, it seems that pop-culture as a whole has been making a call back to the early Nineties. Not just in drifting. So it would make sense that styles and trends have started to hearken back to drifting’s “golden era” in Japan. When D1GP and Street Legal cars weren’t much more than lightly modified street cars.

 We are truly in a renaissance in drifting. Where style is paramount.

I really hope that the scene continues all this positive progress that it’s been making lately.

The staff put on a great event. Event though the weather was a bit of a downer (we’ll take part of the blame there, we brought the Gridlife with us.) With the staff calling an end to the event’s known as “Final Bout”, citing a lack of time as a major factor in the decision to end the series here. With plenty of events to take their place. It’s safe to say that this era of team drifting. This, call back to the early 2000’s Japanese style if you will. Isn’t going to end soon. It’s really just getting started.


If you wan’t to view the rest of my film photos and Brad’s digital shots from the day. You can view the full album on our Flickr—————>HERE!

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