Mullets, mustaches, bikinis, aviator sunglasses, and cigarettes. Man the world of vintage racing sure has changed from where it was nearly 50 years ago. I can’t talk enough about how much I respect the people that appear in this video.

Shot an edited in period by Hans Sipma. Then uncovered and uploaded by the Youtube channel Ultimostile. This film, shot on Kodak Super 8 film and edited with only the best in period music choices,  follows Fritz and Theresa Deurnberger as they drive their Alfa Romeo Gulia TZ to compete at the 1978 Montery Historics.

From changing oil in a hotel parking lot. To unloading their small box of tools, folding chairs, and a cooler in the pit at a very different looking Laguna Seca. This film is everything I’ve ever wanted in a period grass-roots racing video.  Throw in some absolutely sublime onboard race footage and you have a recipe for a winner.

These cars are now worth an unfathomable amount more than they were when this piece was made. However, they are still thrashed within an inch of their life, as they were built to be.

So sit down, then enjoy twenty four minutes of long hair, film cameras, bell bottoms, bikini tops, and the best vintage racing 1978 has to offer.

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