As I it here, on my lunch break at work. Enjoying a nice hot cup of……..ramen.

I can’t help but reflect on the events that transpired last weekend at GingerMan Raceway, in South Haven, Michigan.

With the departure of the last spectator and cleanup of the facilities commencing. Another GridLife Midwest festival has drawn to a close.

I didn’t drive on track again. Failing another one of my goals for 2017 (I’m noticing a trend forming here). However, that wasn’t going to bar me from paying my entry fee and spectating one of the wildest event’s I’ve ever attended.

Even though I only attended on Saturday and didn’t take a single photo (save for the few snaps I made of my phone). I brought only my film camera. Trying to get some practice using the medium and trying to spend some film so that I can learn to develop it on my own (more on that on at later date). After taking my Canon T60 out of my pack upon my entry to the event. The battery conked out after shooting only one frame. I could’ve gone to a nearby store and bought more batteries to continue shooting. However, I didn’t want to have to go through the trouble of re-entering the event with the morning rush still happening (read: “I got lazy”).

I digress. After heading home. With a mind full of fresh experiences and new memories. I must say. Midwest 2017 was the best GridLife I’ve attended yet.

It might be the best event I’ve ever been to. PERIOD.

Many thanks to Chris Stewart and the awesome Gridlife crew for putting on another amazing event. If you missed out on this one…..I guess you can tide yourself over with the coverage online and people’s posts on social media.

There are some things though. That you had to have been there to experience the full effect of what was happening. The sights, sounds and smells. You HAD to be there in Turn One when Justin Pawlak flicked his Formula Drift Roush Musting into a 360 drift, following through Turn Two. You had to be there when James Haughton and Will Au-Yeung each reset the all time lap record.

Then, after things slowed down on track, when the party began in the big tent. With musical acts jamming away till the wee hours of the morning. Like I said. The best one EVER.

Now, don’t miss the next one.

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