Last weekend, at the North American International Auto Show, we came across a couple of unicorns in the wild. Front and center in the Michelin Tire booth were two very special Porsche 964’s.

Modified by Singer Vehicle Design. These two cars stand at the pinnacle of what an air cooled Porsche can be. Perfect in seemingly every way. These cars shine as an example of what can be done to a classic car if you throw enough money at it. From nickel plated metalwork; trick engines, custom suspensions, carbon ceramic brakes, even gold plated lug nuts. To the most beautiful interiors you have ever seen. Not a single stone has been left un-turned with these cars. So it begs the question….Can a car be too perfect?

When you strive to build a car to such a high level. To achieve such perfection. Is the soul of the car lost? By customizing and rebuilding a car to such a high standard, are you getting rid of what it once was? Are you getting rid of it’s soul?

What gives an automobile it’s soul is it’s imperfections. Any amount of suspension tuning, metal plating, or paintwork can’t give a car soul. Humans are imperfect, that’s what makes us special. The same goes for cars.

Some mornings, it might not want to start right away. It may leak a little oil. Or be tricky to drive in the wet. These are things that set a car apart from the appliances that the everyday man or woman drives back and forth throughout their day. As Mr.Clarkson said in a recent episode of his new motoring program. It has to be imperfect, have human like qualities, for us to perceive an inanimate object as possessing a soul.

Now, I’m no man to go about critiquing Singer and their stunning automobiles. I’d just have to see for myself. If I can feel it’s soul. Now, I don’t foresee myself getting handed the keys to one of these half-million dollar rolling pieces of art anytime soon. So here’s a video of /Drive Senior editor Will Sabel Courtney thrashing one about with one of Singers employees.

Tell me what you think. Can something so seemingly without flaws have a soul?


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