Motorsport was never meant to be easy.

From it’s earliest beginnings in the early 20th century, it has always been about pushing boundaries. When man first took to the dirt roads, on cross country rallies of early motor racing. It’s always been the same. Go faster, sharpen cornering, make more power. It’s the constant evolution and improvement that pushes motorsport. Overcoming obstacles and more importantly, fear.

It takes massive amounts of commitment to participate in any form of motor racing. Be it on two wheeled bikes, rally, drag, circuit racing, or drifting. The thousands upon thousands of dollars that go into building the machine. Testing, revising, improving, all of these things factor into how well the driver and the car perform on track. The hundreds upon thousands of hours spent in the garage, modifying, building and repairing the car. The late nights, the early mornings. They all culminate into showing up to the track, ready to head out into the unknown and discover something anew. To return, no matter the outcome, to repeat the process all over again.

Even if it lasts an extremely short amount of time. Racing takes full commitment. No matter what.


You can view the rest of our photo album from the Overboost X Baer Bash Drift Day ——–> (HERE)

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