A couple of weeks ago. When the sun broke the horizon at Road Atlanta on the Friday of Gridlife south, I decided to walk the paddock to see what had turned up over night. After walking most of the paddock I decided to turn back and walk the rear aisle of the pits. That’s when I came across this AP1(? I can’t really tell which generation it is they look too similar).

The one thing that struck me. Spoon. I’m of the opinion that if you are to put any Spoon exterior parts on your Honda, it needs to be one of three colors. White, Black, or Yellow. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t normally like yellow as a color when it comes to automobiles. However, splatter it all over a Honda with some Spoon kit as garnish. Then you’ve got something that tickles me all over.

This particular S2K had a Spoon hard top, which isn’t a cheap part by any means. A Spoon front bumper. Again, not cheap. On the chassis, a Spoon front big brake kit is there to help bring the car to a stop. In front of the brakes sits a scrumptious set of Volk Te37’s in Mag Blue.

On the rear of the car aiding downforce was a Voltex rear wing and diffuser. Interior wise, the driver and passenger sat in a pair of Recaro seats. Whilst the driver steers the Honda with a Personal steering wheel.


While I don’t know what type of modifications had been done to the engine and the rest of the chassis. But, judging by the exterior and the purposeful stance, I think some serious work has gone on.

Overall, a very good build. I really would have liked to see under the hood and to talk to the owner. But we all can’t get what we want.


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