One of the more dynamic things about the Gridlife event series is that they try and incorporate more than just drift and on track activities into the weekends festivities. They try to give everyone in the scene equal footing and the same size stage to showcase their talents and builds. That’s where Southrnfresh came in for Gridlife South.


Now, if you haven’t heard of Southrnfresh before, the are an automotive media outlet that focuses on, you guessed it, the car scene in the Southern United States. Now, they mainly cover vehicles in the stance scene. However, they do cover just about everything. So when it came to putting on a show for Gridlife, Southrnfresh were the people to call.


While I don’t really focus on covering things in the show scene much anymore. I can appreciate the time, money, and work that can go into a good show build. These people are extremely proud of the cars and what goes into them. So I made sure to take a stroll through the show to see what had turned up. Here’s some of my favorites from the show.


One of the first cars the piqued my interest was this AE86 from Touge Spirit. What caught my attention was the Hatsune Miku…..we’ll call it artwork on the hood of the car. After taking a closer look, I knew these were some guys that we at Afterburner could get along with.


The interior was spruced up with the addition of a Buddy Club bucket seat, TRD steering wheel, and blue bubble shift knob. However, the largest addition to the interior was the array of anime memorabilia spread out throughout the cabin. Not just Hatsune Miku either. Anime heroines of every variety could be spotted everywhere in the car.


Drivetrain wise, the car has a 16 valve 4age underneath the itasha’d hood. Other than that. I didn’t pry any further with the owner because we were preoccupied with talking anime (a common occurrence with us apparently). For footwork, the car was shod with a set of Work Equip 03 wheels. A personal favorite of mine on 86’s. After exchanging stickers and contacts with the Touge Spirit guys, I said my goodbyes and perused the show some more.



A little farther down the line was this white FC3s Rx7. Wearing full RE雨宮 (RE Amemiya) aero. The car looked like it should’ve been out on track, competing in the time attack classes instead of sitting up on the grass in a show. While I couldn’t see what was going on beneath the carbon hood. I head the car pass by in the paddock later in the afternoon. Some serious work has gone into the drivetrain. I’m talking bridgeporting and some serious turbo work. I’m willing to be that this thing is a missile out on track.


Another car that caught my eye was this ratty looking BMW. While the patina certainly wasn’t a fabrication. The car looked like it had earned every one of it’s imperfections through decades of roasting in the harsh southern sun.


While modifications seemed to be kept to a minimum. The car certainly had lots of presence. The bumpers were removed to reveal more patina underneath. While, in the interior. A Momo Porsche Design steering wheel, wrapped in tennis racket grip tape was attached to the column to give the driver something sporty, but still ratty to grip to while driving. I also spotted a set of well used AC Schnitzer pedals on the floor. Completing the rat rod touring car look. Dropped very low, on a set of gold Ruff Racing R358 wheels. This was one of my favorite cars in the show. Simple, but with bucket loads of personality.


Again, it’s thanks to partnerships like this one between Gridlife and Southrnfresh that set the Gridlife events apart from everything else. I didn’t stick around to see who had took home what awards from the show. But I enjoyed my time walking around, chatting with everyone, and looking at the awesome rides that turned up. Here’s hoping that the show grows even bigger and with more variety than ever should they decide to do it again next year!



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