I was rearranging my living quarters this afternoon when I came across some of the files and possessions from my high school days. In this bundle of random things I found a poem. One written by one of my peers.

Judging by the note on the back. I had been prodding one of my classmates, a girl named Erin, about what she was writing in her notebook for most of the semester. According to her, poems like this are what made up the majority of her notebook. My memory fails me as to why she gave it to me, but none the less, it is an interesting read. So I thought I would share it with you guys. While it isn’t normally the style of content we post here on the blog. Frankly, I  don’t care though.

So here it is. “Ode to the Generation”. Written by one of my classmates from nearly half a decade ago. Damn time flies.


Ode to the Generation

These things that are asked of me floating haunting incredulously.

To fix a broken system, with flags flitting high, though downturn and turmoil reside so high.

Retrain a breathing world, giving successors opportunity to unfurl ploys, guises of a wiser way of life.

Finding the footing to stomp into the “limelight” only to quickly  bite. I ponder these demands only to find a hazing plan.

Too much asked with no place to go.



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