Saturday night at Gridlife Midwest a couple of weeks ago. Brad and I were strolling around the paddock and camping area getting the lay of the land and taking in the sights and sounds of Gridlife after the action on track had ended.


While we were walking through our camping area. We came across a pretty big camper and trailer setup. Out font of it sat a pretty serious looking Honda Civic. So we walked in to get a closer look.


The first thing I noticed when we walked up to the car was the MASSIVE intercooler trying it’s best to not burst out from behind the modified C-West front bumper. So when we got closer to inspect the car, we ran into the guys who run the car.


999 Fine Racing is the name of the team. They are a very nice group of gentlemen from Dayton, Ohio and they graciously gave us a tour of their pretty serious EK hatch.  Starting with the interior. The driver and passenger seats ( Aluminum Kirkey buckets) have been pushed very far rearward in the little Civic in order to improve weight distribution and to help the mechanical grip by balancing the weight across all four corners of the car.

DSC01272DSC01278With everything pushed so rearward the pedals and NASCAR derived steering column are moved back to make sure the driver can still operate the vehicle from almost behind the b-pillar of the car. An AIM digital dash and array of other gauges help the driver keep tabs on everything that is happening in the car. A very stout roll cage surrounds the whole lot. Making sure that the chassis is plenty stiff and that the occupants of the interior are safe in the event of a serious accident.


What powers the car is a turbo B-Series twin cam engine. While with “conservative” boost the team members say the car is making somewhere in the 400hp range. The engine is built to handle much more than that says the team. How much? Well the truth is, I don’t remember. I was too fixated on the lack of aero on the exterior.


About that. While not having a sizable rear wing to make the necessary down force to keep the car planted through the corners. A full aluminum under tray is employed to keep the car sucked down to the pavement. It connects the front splitter and side skirts to the large aluminum rear diffuser. Making sure that the turbulent air moving underneath the car is channeled in and moved smoothly through to the rear.


With grip provided by Enkei RPF1 wheels and Toyo R888 tires. The car seemed to do well out on track. While the teams goal is to fight it out at the top of the Unlimited FWD class in the future. They are spending their time slowly tuning and improving the car to make sure that when they do get to that point. They are prepared. We are looking forward to seeing the car more in the future and hope that 999 Fine Racing completes their goals.

If you want to visit their Facebook page you can (HERE).

Also you can visit their website





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