Wow what a ride so far!


It really has been a once in a life time experience doing what I’m doing. For those who don’t know. Almost 6 months ago I started my adventure in the United States Air Force and so far I can say it has been a wild ride up to this point. I am sitting in my dorm room in Virginia right now just thinking about all the different people I’ve met in my new career.


Me being the car person that I am, I’ve gotten the opportunity to see what other people from other parts of the country/world like. Not only the local car community but the automotive community as a whole. What I’ve come to understand is we are not that different, as for me I like a little bit of everything American, Euro, Japanese (or ricers if that tickles your fancy). Anything really, but the big constant across the board is the passion and pride that comes with what ever you’re into.


No matter who I talked to; whether a car guy, truck guy, or if its a Jeep thing (pun intended: DJ). The passion and pride is always there. The most interesting thing I have seen so far though would be how accepting people are of the one another’s personal preferences. Its not about who’s car is the fastest, its not about how much mud you can drive through, and its not about how big of a hill you can climb. It’s about appreciating what the vehicle is capable of. That is something I personalty was very ignorant about. However, now I have grown to see how special everyone’s own personal clique is, because when the rubber meets the road, dirt, mud, or what ever you want. It’s all about the blood sweat and tears that you put in to it. It’s about being proud of what you are able to accomplish. It’s about the love of what your doing and more than anything.


I have really seen that in the past 6 months. So if nothing is taken away from this little write up (or rant if you want to call it that : DJ). Please keep this in mind, no matter how stupid or impractical or lame something is. Someone is very proud of it and worked hard to make that happen. I’m not asking you to like it just respect it.


Nick Zielinski

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