While we were walking around Grid Life Mid-West a couple of weeks ago Brad and I took a stroll through what would be the show field for the next day. When we came across this absolutely stunning UCF20 Lexus LS400 or Toyota Crown as it’s known elsewhere.


While do not to profess to be an expert on VIP cars and their styling. It’s very easy to tell a good one when you see one. Sitting there on the grass next to the pond in Gingerman raceway, I began to take in all of the details of the big body Japanese luxury sedan.


One of the first things you notice is the ride height. Now, some might say that the grass was helping the car’s pebble pushing ride height. However upon closer inspection, an air tank reveals a full air suspension. Allowing the car to be raised when driven so as to not destroy the spotless paintwork and body kit. As far as the kit is concerned. It is a Mode Parfume item from Japan. I’ve barely been able to dig up any details on the kit. So as far as I’m concerned its a pretty rare item. Don’t hold me to that though.


As far as footwork is concerned. Tucked gently beneath all four fenders is a set of SSR Vienna Merisia wheels. While I don’t know the diameter or width of the wheels. They fit the car perfectly. The left side wheels differed slightly from the rights because they had silver center caps fitted as opposed to red.


The interior has received just as much, if not more attention than the exterior of the big sedan. As VIP styling revolves around luxury and refinement. The interiors of builds such as this get a ton of work done to them. This particular car had a lot of custom stitching on the seats and the dash. The center console and the steering wheel were wrapped in matching white leather as well. Hanging from the rear view mirror is a white Fusa (the dangly thing) and a gold Tsuna knot. As well as the prerequisite window curtains.  On the dash is a matching white tray table with an appropriate pack of Japanese cigarettes.


In the trunk sat the 5 gallon air tank and compressors for the air suspension. All sitting on a diamond stitched mat to match the interior. As well as some JDM goodies to spruce up an otherwise bland part of any car.


Sticking with the rear of the car, a custom set of LED tail lights, in tandem with the LED signals up front, danced through their sequences while six exhaust tips (that’s right SIX) protruded through the Mode rear bumper. Painted in red, each one progressively got larger the farther from the center of the vehicle they got.


My favorite details on the car were so small you could easily miss them unless you got really close to the car. Behind the fender crystals and on other parts of the car red pinstriping could be found. Adding another layer of detail to an already complex, yet simple car. On the hood, an Oni (devil/demon) mask was painted. This was my favorite detail of the car. It took me almost five laps of the car to even notice it was there.

This was easily one of my favorite cars of the entire event and it’s easy to see why it was awarded “Best Vip” by the Grid Life staff the next day during the show. I just love how complex this car can be, with it’s layers of detail and unforeseen work. Yet somehow come across so simple to the passer by. This will forever be one of my benchmark Bippu cars from now on you can count on that!



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