This past weekend Brad, Brenden and I traveled back up to Churubusco, Indiana for the 2016 Churubusco Charity Car Show. While rain cut our visit to the show unreasonably short, we were treated to some of the best classic American metal that northern Indiana has to offer.

One such vehicle was this 1929 Ford Model A sedan rat rod. While I had a little trouble at first picking out what the original vehicle was a handy show registration paper on the heavily chopped windscreen solved the puzzle for me.


The body of the car was extremely modified from it’s factory form. The body itself was chopped and shortened a massive amount from it’s original dimensions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t track down the owner and talk to him before he left so that I could get a better idea about just what had been done to the car to make it how it sits now.

From what I could see, along with the chop and shortening. The body was channeled to fit over the frame that it sat on. Up front a GMC pickup truck grill was hacked up, pin striped then crowned with a 1954 Pontiac hood ornament.


In between the front frame rails sits a massive 454 Chevrolet big block V8. Fed by two Holley four barrel carburetors, through a Weiand blower. Mooneyes oil breathers sat atop a pair of Brodix heads. While we don’t know the camshaft size. It sounded pretty healthy through the straight headers as the car pulled away to leave the show soon after I finished having a look at it.


The cabin was just as spartan as the rest of the vehicle, with no amenities to be seen. The two wood/metal seats looked as though they were afterthoughts as the drag spec roll cage seemed to dominate the leaf green interior. The cut Mooneyes emerald green glitter steering wheel was one of my favorite parts of the entire car. After that, there wasn’t much else in the interior.


Out back, there was a mural of the Wile E Coyote mural, compete with an ACME tool kit. I don’t know the proper name of the style of lens. However, sunken into the sheet metal on the roof were two, what I like to call “afterburner” tail lights. Their jet stream like shape giving the name. A straight axle of some type (probably a Ford nine inch), was matched to a set of properly wide steel wheels, shod in white wall/pie cut cheater slicks.


This rat rod was easily one of my favorite cars of the day. I always have a soft spot for a well done “rat” build, because the amount of details that you get in a build like this is mind blowing. Again, I’m a little upset that I didn’t get a chance to talk to the owner about his creation, but here’s hoping we run into the car/owner again and maybe get a proper shoot done of the car!

There won’t be much more coverage of the rest of the show unfortunately, due to our progress being cut short by mother nature. You can look at the rest of our photos from the day ——–> HERE



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