As many of you have seen on our social media the past couple of weeks. We’ve welcomed a new vehicle into the Afterburner stables. A earlier this month, after going to the Auburn Spring Auction, I ran into this beauty. What is it you ask? It’s a 1984 Mazda Rx7 GSL.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the first generation of Mazda’s legendary sports car. The SA22c/FB33 generation of the Rx7 was produced from 1978-1985 as a successor to the legendary Savanna Rx3. My car, a series 3 GSL model. Comes with the four wheel disc brakes and clutch type rear LSD just like the top model the GSL-SE. Except my car is different in two key ways. First, it doesn’t have the extremely common 4×114.3 bolt pattern. Instead, my car has the very undesirable 4×110 bolt pattern. The sheer difference in wheel choice between the two is staggering. The 114.3 pattern has the 110 bolt pattern outnumbered almost 500 to 1 as far as wheel selection goes.

The other key difference is the motor. While the SE model came with the second generation fuel injected 13b two rotor. My car has a carburated 12a two rotor. While my car came with about 100 horsepower from the factory, the SE models shipped with about 135 horses.

Plans for the car right now are to drive it and experience the car for what it is in it’s completely stock state. I really enjoy driving the car. For not having a lot of horsepower, the chassis makes up for it with excellent handling. Even though the car has a slight exhaust leak currently, I’m not too perturbed about that a little more rotary noise never hurt anyone. I’m excited to take the car along with my on my journeys  with Afterburner. This car, just like the BMW will grow as I do. I don’t plan on modifying beyond my driving capabilities. So lets see where this one takes us. Shall we?


One last thing. Here’s a little into video we put together to introduce you guys to the car. Enjoy!

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