This past weekend. The Afterburner Crew made our way a few miles north of Fort Wayne to Auburn, Indiana for the 2016 Auctions America Auburn Spring auction. We’ve gone to events at the Auburn Auction Park a few times. While we weren’t expecting to see concourse spec, million dollar cars crossing the block that are synonymous with the fall auction in Auburn. What we did get was some quality, affordable classic cars. While we didn’t take as many pictures as we normally do, we still had a very good three days at the park.

It was a few minutes before we left I happened to glance into this 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback and notice that a “Hello Kitty” air freshener was hanging from the center of the dashboard. I chuckled then remarked to Brenden that putting something like that in/on a classic American muscle car is something that we would do. It wasn’t long after that, we walked out the front gates for the final time that weekend. We will be back to cover the exponentially larger fall auction, rest assured. Till next time.


If you want to view all the photos we took at the event. Visit our Flickr page! HERE


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