After a day of debauchery on the west side of Chicago (you can read about that here). The Afterburner crew made their way to the Rosemont Convention center in Rosemont, Illinois for WekFest Chicago 2016. Now this would be the first time that the WekFest tour would make a stop in the Windy City for the first time in half a decade. Judging off of what we’ve seen in videos and photo coverage of WekFest events in the past, we knew this wasn’t going to be one to miss. So we packed our things and made our way to Chicago for the weekend.


After waiting in a line that wrapped around most of the foyer of the convention center, the gates were opened to the public at 1pm local time. Upon entry to the event, spectators were greeted with a gaggle of amazing machinery. In the first row were a;  twin turbo GM LS V8 swapped Hyundai Genesis, a Rocket Bunny kitted Scion FR-S and this gorgeous red Acura NSX. Sitting low on a set of Regamaster Evos, it’s understated yet purposeful presence really gave it a good look. Who wouldn’t love one of these to play around with? That’s right, no one.


Elsewhere in the row was this Subaru GC8 Impreza. We’ve seen this car a few times at shows in the Chicagoland area. This time though, it wasn’t wearing its three spoke Super Advan wheels. In their place sat a set of Advan RGIII’s. It’s good to see little details like these being played with, because that means the owner is pretty happy with where the car sits right now. Meaning it is being enjoyed and driven, not shut up in a garage torn apart.


Being a former owner of a W201 chassis Mercedes-Benz, I couldn’t help but notice this one leering at me from the far end of the first row. If the front mount intercooler and menacing street sleeper stance weren’t enough to bring up red flags for show goers. The backlit 2jz-gte peeking through the clear hood slats surely was. It’s really cool to see out of the box builds like this. Who knows what type of power the car was pushing through it’s rear wheels, but it must be a wail of a time to drive.


Another good Benz was this W123 chassis car. Wearing a set of rare BBS Bugatti wheels it certainly had lots of charisma. It was also sporting one of the best ever air ride trunk setups we’ve ever seen. The tank and compressors were hidden behind a wooden false floor. To garnish the trunk were a Miller High Life cooler, matching bottles of malt liqour, and period correct pornographic magazines. Killer.


Godzilla even made the trek over from Japan for the show to roar at everyone with its twin turbo RB26 inline six.  Having not seen a proper R34 GTR in person for some time. I made sure to do a couple of laps around the car to take in all of the details I could. When the R34 generation of the GTR becomes legal for importation to the U.S. rest assured, these will skyrocket in value. Sadly because of this, I may never be able to have one in my ownership in the future. Fingers crossed though!


Speaking of Skylines. Since the R32 generation of the Nissan Skyline have become legal to bring over to The States they are flooding shows, track days, and drift events everywhere. Which is good to see. As some of these cars have reached the end of their usefulness over in Japan, to be given new life over here in the U.S. There were plenty to look at in the show. From demonic street punishing GTRs to flashy, four door, dori dori machines!


The boys from Ramblers! Racing brought out their squad of track prepped Hondas to help advertise for the GridLife automotive festivals. We are going to be attending the GridLife events in both June and July. We are going to be doing media at the June event at Gingerman Raceway in Southhaven, Michigan. I will be doing the HPDE at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois. So look out for coverage from those later in the summer.


There were plenty of VIP cars to whet the appetite of anyone into the style. I love the idea of taking a big body luxury sedan. Dropping it on its ass and doing lots of crazy things to it. Like this Toyota Aristo for instance. If the custom metal widebody or the deep dish Leon Harditt wheels weren’t enough. A Toyota Crown front end swap surely put this car over the top. The level of detail in its execution was astounding. It was definitely a favorite of mine.

DSC09445Actually my favorite car of the show was something completely out of left field for my automotive tastes. Over the past year or so, I have really grown to respect Hondas that are done right. The level of detail and passion that goes into top level Honda builds is amazing. So when I laid eyes on this USDM Acura Integra Type-R and the one next to it sharing the same shade of yellow. I was in love. DSC09443DSC09444

The level of fit and finish on this car was stunning. I love the track ready stance of the car. With the J’s Racing GT wing and rear diffuser out back. Stripped interior, roll cage, and re-trimmed Buddy Club seats in the middle. Shaved bay, and throttle bodied K-series, and JDM front clip  up front. All sitting on a set of  Volk CE28’s wrapped in sticky Nitto rubber. It’s almost exactly how I would build a Honda. It stole my heart in that convention center and had me questioning my automotive choices up to this point for a while (sorry Erza).


All of the other cars in the show were equally amazing. So it was very difficult for anyone to pick a favorite that day. As to be expected with WekFest shows. The cars were top caliber, the vendors were great, and the atmosphere was laid back and enjoyable. If the crew decides to hold another event in our area again. We will definitely be paying to attend. We had an awesome day, hanging out and getting to know everyone even more. After the show, we said our goodbyes to our friends in the area. Packed up Brenden’s WRX and headed back to The Fort. Many thanks to Pat, NIkko, Vinh, Andrew, and the rest of the guys from Chicago for showing us a great time last weekend! We can’t wait to hang out with you guys more! Also, thanks to WekFest and the guys who brought out their pride and joy for putting on an awesome show!




You can view all of our photos from the day on our Flickr!







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