Thus ends another very busy weekend for us here at Afterburner. What was supposed to be a promising weekend of cars, coffee, and our usual misbehaving down in Indy was rudely interrupted by mother nature and her ever changing mood this time of the year in the Mid-West.

An overnight blanketing of snow, and morning temperatures hovering around the mid twenties meant that many had decided to forgo the hot beverages and casual automotive conversation in order to keep their pride and joy off of the slippery roads. Some however, like to fly in the face of adversity.

At the first Cars and Coffee held by the Auctions America company at their grounds in Auburn, Indiana we were greeted by a few surprises. First off, AA (Auctions America) brought out three tasty morsels for the cold and caffeinated to drool over in the snow covered lot.  In the form of a  Ferrari 355B vert., a 427 C2 Chevrolet Corvette, and a Shelby GT350. Other surprises were the VW Bus pickup in the feature image and  an Oldsmobile Ventura wagon. I was surprised how many people actually showed up. AA provided donuts and coffee in the registration room at the auction park. That provided a warm and dry area to shuffle around and chat with some fellow enthusiasts.  We stuck around for a little bit and schmoozed with some of the patrons of this C&C then made our way over to SweetWater Sound in Fort Wayne for the first Overboost meet of the year.

After an hour or so of chatting with people at the meet and exploring the SweetWater facilities we picked up Brad and headed down to Indy to attend the home opener for the Indy Eleven soccer team as they faced off with the Ottowa Fury.

I’ll spare you the details as you are here for cars and not soccer. However, we had a very good weekend and look forward to many more as the year goes on. Hopefully next time it will be a little warmer though!


If you want to see the full photo album from the day, click ——> HERE



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