Spring is basically here in Indiana, there I said it. After a couple of weeks of the temperatures hovering around the fifties and even into the sixties, I’d say it’s safe to assume that warmer weather is here to stay. That means it’s almost car season!!

With a pile of parts awaiting installation and the completion of the second rebuild of the BMW. Summer tires and other warm weather gear is being prepped, I am getting excited. To me, and many of us in the community, it means a lot.The car covers come off, the fun cars come out.  That means that soon days cruising with your mates in the sun will soon turn into memorable nights, days spent at the track or at an autocross will get you more in tune with your own abilities and your vehicle’s. Wax and polish will be applied to bring paint to a gleaming shine. Shows will be attended, races will be watched. A season of memory making is about to ensue.

Next weekend, we officially kick off our “Summer Season” down in Louisville, Kentucky for the second year in a row at Water By The Bridge 2016. What follows is sure to be an absolutely epic summer! Stay tuned for our coverage of everything we do this summer and make sure you make the most of your summer too! May the petrol be plentiful and may the roads be smooth!


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