What We’ve Been Up To

The new year hasn’t been short on action here at Afterburner. Not being ones to rest on our laurels, we are eager to get into it early this year. That means the two or so weeks off for the holidays were used for planning and reorganizing. Getting the team ready for the next calendar year. We don’t intend on slowing down or taking time off here at Afterburner. So we have some things planned to get us right into the thick of it this year.

slaps round 2

Our newest round of stickers are currently being printed at AWStickers. We have three new designs coming and another version of our Club Slap. Each one of these new designs is special to us, and has deep meaning and representation for the team. So look for those up on our Big Cartel store in the coming weeks!


After years of driving around an old, trusty, hand me down Honda Accord. It was time for Adam Borros to receive an upgrade. That has come in the form of a 2002 Acura RSX. We are truly excited for Adam to get a car that he can grow with and modify to suit his tastes and needs. Progress on the car will be slow though. As Adam is paying his way through college to become a Motorsports Engineer, but, rest assured we will find new and exciting ways to have fun with this car. First, we had to make sure the new team car was kitted out like the rest of them, so our slaps were applied to the rear quarter windows of the little K20 powered Acura.

Last weekend, we make a day trip down to Indianapolis to visit a junkyard to look for some random parts for the various Afterburner team rides. This gave me the opportunity to get some practice shooting some stationary cars before the events we have coming up in a couple of weeks.

Its always interesting walking around parts yards. As you never know what you might come across. From a nearly perfect E12 5-Series, to a burned out W124 Mercedes 300E. We got some of the parts we needed, grabbed some lunch, then went go-karting at Fast Times down on the West side of Indy. We had a blast and got tons of video of us ripping around the track. So rest assured, that will be in an upcoming Vlog.

Now, I’ve been going on about the events we’ll be attending here in the next couple of weeks, and you’re probably sitting there thinking , “What events does he keep talking  about”. Well, we are going to be attending The North American International Auto Show up in Detroit, Michigan next week to have a look at the newest metal (or should I say composite) that the world’s largest auto manufacturers will be rolling out in the coming years.

What we are really elated for is the event coming at the end of the month. We will be traveling up to Atlanta, Michigan to attend the 2016 Sno* Drift Rally put on by Rally America. So we are really pumped about going out into the snow covered forests of Northern Michigan and experiencing Rally America firsthand. I am really excited to be able to cover the event and to share our experiences with you guys here on the blog, and through videos on our Youtube!

That’ll be all for now, but see you guys soon for more from our adventures!

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