One Shot: Lifelong Passion


The SVRA race this year was the best race I’ve ever been to, and it was all on a whim. Derek and I noticed an ad run on the screens while attending the indy 500 and I mentioned that we should go. The racing alone at the event would have been enough to keep us entertained. But it was having paddock access that really set this event over the top. The first couple of hours at the track were spent mulling about the paddock looking at the amazing vintage race cars and modified street cars that would be heading out on course that day.

Thats where this photo was taken, now its been a few months since the race so I am not sure of the exact situation. But the gentleman you see in the photo was the owner of the car and was doing some sort of maintenance or adjustment to the car between track sessions. There were dozens of people like him at the track that day. All had a passion for racing and all were there to enjoy their cars to the fullest, an experience that too few people get. Ultimately it was this man, and the dozens like him that reaffirmed my passion for racing that day by showing that, no matter your age you can always still enjoy racing.

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