This is when things got really crazy. If you haven’t read part one of our coverage of DuckTail Run 2015 you can here. Read it? Good, because your about to have your mind blown. Once dusk had began to dominate the skies over Gas City, Indiana, the mood changed in the show grounds. Anticipation and excitement could be felt pulsating throughout the crowds of show goers. It’s as if the people knew that they were in for an evening of unimaginable enjoyment, and their premonitions were correct.

DSC_0154 DSC_0165

Instead of circulating around the inroads and spattering of vehicles in the show grounds, the flow of people and cars changed.  All towards the exit. Why? Because the flamethrower competition was about you start. Yes, you read that right, flamethrower. Everyone who was anyone was making their way to the baseball field adjacent to the show grounds, to see some epic shit. Around twenty or so cars were parked out on the grass of the outfield. All of them fitted with what looked to be rudimentary cannons on each of their exhaust exits. The purpose of the tubes is simple, make the biggest and coolest flames possible. Each pipe had a spark plug or something else suitable enough to provide the spark needed to ignite the unspent fuel being blown down the exhausts, that is so typical of carbureted American V8s.

Scan 5

Scan 8

The competitors were separated by classes, we honestly couldn’t tell you what those classes were. The only alarming thing that we saw before the competition started was a sign out on the field, that said they were unable to use propane to help the fire, we soon found out why. I honestly cannot describe how positively astounding this competition was. Instead of blabbering on about something I know nothing about, I’ll just leave you with the photos and video from our Vlog.

By the way, about the propane. After the top five competitors all parked up in a half moon and set about engulfing the left field wall in flames. The creator of the competition rolled up in his Ford F100 pickup, draped around seven fire blankets over the tailgate of his truck, and started the flamethrowers. Now after a few seconds of letting the flames belch out of the pipes, he hit the propane sprayers. Launching a tower of flames nearly sixty feet in the air. As I said, truly a sight to behold, and if you have the means to attend the show next year, I highly recommend it.

You can view all our photos from the even in our Flickr Page. (link here)

Scan 4 Scan 1 Scan 3

Scan 2

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