The indianapolis Moto GP is a race that I have attended three years in a row now. No group of fans, aside from possibly F1. Which unfortunately no longer comes to indianapolis. Is so intense in their celebration and their all out city takeover. This years Moto GP experience started saturday night with the downtown bike takeover. The sheer number of riders who come into town for Moto GP weekend is astonishing. I walked down four or five city blocks that had been shut down and were packed with motorcycles.

What i found more astonishing was the variety of bikes. All of the downtown celebrations were not limited to sport bikes like would be racing the following day. There were all kinds of bikes from classic BMW touring bikes, to Suzuki Hyabusas, to sport bikes painted up to look like the bikes that would be racing the following day and, Harley Davidsons.
classic bmw
repsol street
What I found so Interesting about this mix of bikes is how well everyone was getting along so well. I’m unaware as to wether this is typical of motorcycle enthusiasts but it is not as commonplace amongst car enthusiasts as it ought to be. There were Ducatti riders alongside classic Yamaha riders alongside Harley Davidson riders, and all were socializing fine. Maybe its just this one event where they all set aside their rivalry in the name of racing. After many hours of walking downtown viewing bikes and accepting free red bull Adam, another Afterburner contributor who lives and attends school for motor sports in indianapolis and I called it a night and rested up for the following days activities.
classic kawasaki
90s ninja
The next day I had that magical feeling again that feeling I only get on race day. I felt the slight chills as I entered indianapolis motor speedway yet again and heard a racing motor going through its warmup cycle. Yes it was that time again.
First race of the day was Moto 3 and boy was it a good one. Light rain just before the start of the race added a lot of interest. All riders had switched to rain tires before taking grid but after their warm up lap some of the riders chose to come in and switch to slicks. Which meant those riders then had to start from pit road. It was a very exciting race watching the riders who had come in at the start work their way through the whole field. The Moto 2 race was not as eventful but was a good race nonetheless.
 moto3 action
Then it was time for the big event, the Moto GP race. From the start Marc Marquez of team Repsol Honda ended the day with the lead in which he had qualified. But was never quite able to shake Jorge Lorenzo of team Movistar Yamaha, trading positions with him throughout. Although it seemed to me that all eyes were on the legendary Valentino Rossi also of Movistar Yamaha. Who throughout the race was in a close battle for third that he eventually won against Dani Pedrosa of Repsol Honda.
early in race
  close racing
Moto GP is surprisingly one of my favorite races to attend every year. The way that motorcycle enthusiasts of all types can come together with racing fans like myself to enjoy a weekend of partying and watching some top notch racing amazes me. The way that enthusiasts of all types can converge on downtown Indianapolis and later on the speedway and all feel that they are accepted by others around them is uplifting. because all of these thousands of people are here for one reason, they love Motorsport.
 rossi pass winrar

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