My name is Brenden, a few weeks ago Derek asked me to write a blog introducing myself. With the intention of making it so that I’m not just a background character, who’s name occasionally pops up on a photo or in one of Derek’s articles. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do. So I guess I’ll introduce you all into why I do all of this, and why I love car culture.

brenden 2

Sometimes when life has me really down, Ill often find myself trying to escape the real world. Whether that be through internet, anime, stories from history, and whatever. Then I go out and see the beauty in the world. For me it’s not always the natural beauty but oftentimes the man made beauty. In todays world it is easy to be brought down by some of the negativity around us, so to me it is important to remember that there are bright things in the world. For me that is cars. Not just cars but the whole lifestyle surrounding them.


I got into cars through my grandparents. My grandfather on my mom’s side took me to car shows from the time I could walk sturdily. My grandfather on my dad’s side was the one who got me into working on cars. He worked at International Harvester in my home town of Fort Wayne, as well as working at a local auto repair shop. I was supposed to go into college for business like my father did, I had a different vision for myself. As soon as I arrived at orientation I switched my major to automotive technology. I’ve since nearly completed my schooling and work full time as a technician at a car dealer. Now cars rule my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

6 Ford GT 6

I am of course assuming that, because you are reading this blog that you are quite interested in cars and I want you to remember that there are thousands of others out there just like you. It’s up to you to go out and find them. Go find your niche and connect with people and see the beauty in the world that can only be seen with others. Go find whatever is uplifting and beautiful in your world. For me its cars and all the great people surrounding them and sharing this passion. If that’s the case for you I hope to see you out there. This is an open invitation for you to join me, to join all of us. all these people who truly love car culture. If you see me at a show, or a race, or a meet, anywhere feel free to say hello and introduce yourself.

Derek 190e 1

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