Welcome to a new project for us here at Afterburner! In order to keep myself from going insane when waiting for the next event or the next thing to do with the 318ti, I bought a model. More specifically, a BMW E30 M3 produced by Fujimi. I purchased the kit a few weeks ago secondhand from a gentleman from Chiba Prefecture in Japan. Yesterday, it arrived on my doorstep.


So begins another project for me. After seeing my father slowly, delicately, and persistantly put together countless scale models over the years I thought it is time that I try my hand at it. Now, I’m only in the planning phases of the build of this E30, but I’m already excited to get stuck in. Learning from my mistakes of trying to build models like these in my childhood, I have to take my time with this one. I want to do it right. The beauty of this kit, is that I have two ways that I can take the stock kit. The first way, would build it into a road going E30 M3. Or, the second option in the kit would be to build it into a DTM racecar, complete with the gauge cluster, stripped interior, roll cage, and bucket seat.


However, I’m going to go my own way with this first real attempt a building a scale model. I am going to customize it. I’ve already purchased a set of wheels. Fifteen52 Tarmacs to be precise (a dream set of wheels for me), from Eighty One scale models. They specialize in making parts and whole kits to customize any 1:24 scale model car. They also make whole trans-kits, such as Rocket Bunny wide body panels, engine swaps, turbo parts, and a whole slew of other cool parts.


I am definitely going to need some help from my dad when it comes of assembling this kit. His wealth of knowledge and experience will come in handy during the duration of this project. The only road bump I’ve encountered so far is that 90% of the instructions are in Japanese! I think I can figure it out though.


I don’t really have a time frame for when I want to have this done, but I really want to take my time and make this a really detailed build. I want to build it into my dream E30 M3. So stay tuned! I will be updating you guys periodically as to what’s been happening with the build!

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