HAPPY NEW YEAR! With Indiana now in the full grasp of winter, I deemed it time to give you guys a bit of an update as to what has been happening here at J.E.T and what we have planned for the rest of the winter/ new year.


After a few weeks of discussing, meeting, and discussing some more. We’ve decided on a few things. First off, you aren’t going to see much action out of the Audi for a while. That’s because we’ve decided that if we are going to go any longer into our rally/rallycross venture, we are going to take it more seriously and do it right. That means that we are going to either, rebuild, re-do, reinforce, or fabricate most everything on the car. Which, as you know, costs time and lots of money. So, in order to do the things we want to do, that means that The Rowdy Audi is going to have to be out for a while.


I felt that if we are going to make the car handle better, be more reliable, and go faster we need to upgrade or re do a bunch of things. So we are going to a full rally suspension setup. That means raised and up-rated performance springs. In order to make the setup more versatile though, we are going to combine the new springs with a set of adjustable shocks, and the plan is to fabricate them into a set of height and dampening adjustable coilovers. To go along with the new springs we deemed in necessary to upgrade the brakes too. So we are going to a bigger set of calipers and rotors (more on that in a later post).


As far as safety is concerned. I was worried that if we are going to make the car any faster we need to redo some of the safety systems in the car. So we are going to pick up a new set of racing buckets, fabricate new mounts for them, and wrap them in a new hard and safe roll cage. Now, we would like to be able to take the car out to a few events this year, so we are going to keep the fabricating pretty simple till next winter. So we can plan out and build a stage rally spec cage in the Audi.


Also with putting off the building of the roll cage we are going to keep the motor rebuild pretty light until we can fully tear it down next winter. We are currently debating whether or not we should keep the motor naturally aspirated and build it up like that. Or stick a little forced induction onto the car in the form of a turbocharger. Of course the main concern here, is that if we are in fact going to turbo the car, it will affect what rally series and what classes we can compete in if we decide to do some stage rally in the near future.


Unfortunately though, all of these things cost lots of money, so it may be a long time before we get everything we want to do done (sponsors? cough cough). But, rest assured. I will save and put as much of my time and money as possible into J.E.T and The Rowdy Audi to make sure the we are always improving and always moving forward. Stay tuned as the other J.E.T members and I will give you guys periodic updates as to whats happening here at J.E.T. Again, have a Happy New Year!

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