Project 318ti: Getting there

Some of you who follow me on social media may know of my newest project car, my 1995 BMW 318ti hatchback.  If you don’t, here’s a quick rundown. I picked up the car on a whim in April earlier this year. I bought the car because I had been long looking for a replacement for my Mercedes 190e. Not in a hurry to buy a car, I had just been looking around at a few things here and there. This particular week, I was on a BMW kick. I had been looking at local listings and contacting various owners of certain Bavarian automobiles in the Fort Wayne area.

afternoon ride

After texting a couple of gentlemen in the early morning one Sunday, I received a text from one of the sellers I had been contacting. So my brother Brad and I hopped in the Mercedes and went to go look at a car. Now, I thought I was going to look at an early 90’s E30 3series that had been stripped, caged, and built to drift, but boy was I in for a surprise. When we arrived at the undisclosed location, there sat this little red, unassuming bimmer hatchback. Now, I had heard and seen the BMW e36-5 hatchbacks before. I knew that they were meant to be a cheap and easy entry into BMW ownership when they were first produced in 1995. I was a little disappointed about not seeing  a bonkers E30 in front of me, but as the owner talked my brother and I through the car, we slowly warmed up to the little German hatch. After a short test drive, I wanted to see no more. The car ran and drove perfectly. It was exceptionally clean inside and out. I asked the owner how much he wanted for the car, and that was that, I didn’t want to even haggle him down on the price. It was too reasonable to pass up. I was now the owner of my first (and hopefully many) BMWs.

Up until this point I haven’t done much to the car. I’ve sourced a cheap set of coilovers to lower the car. I also picked up a set of late model 3series wheels which are on the car right now. I’ve picked up a set of AC Schnitzer Type 1 Cup mirrors, which my friend Brendan painted and helped me install on the car.





I’ve also picked up a set of custom Adam’s Rotors from another 318ti owner in Wisconsin.


As far as other things I have planned for the car. I am in the process of purchasing another set of very nice coilovers for the car. I have also been picking up little odds and ends stuff to install onto the car once spring comes. The last thing that has been done to the car, Brendan and I got the car’s heater to function properly, so I wont freeze in the harsh Indiana winter. Stay tuned! As I have many more things planned to do to the car in the next few months!

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