Are the Americans going Euro? : Derek James


Thats a question I’ve been asking myself for a couple of months now. With all the redesigns and new models coming out of Detroit (mainly from Chevy and Ford) it begs the question. Are the Americans taking cues from their European and Asian counterparts.


What I mean by this is, the American cars are becoming more desirable  in my mind. With the use of edgier styling, smaller, more economical motors, and smaller overall cars, the American cars are becoming dare-I-say-it “Cool”. From the factory, you can buy a small commuter car from any of the “Big Three” keep it stock, or get factory offered performance parts. Thats awesome! They finally caught on to what Scion has been doing for a decade now. With the economic/ turbocharged side of these vehicles, they are appealing to the younger side of the American car market. Plus they are appealing to the guy that wants to modify his car without worrying that he is going to void his warranty. You can now make your car different from all the others straight from the factory! Like you could back in the 60’s and 70’s.


And I must say, I like it! I saw the Chevy Sonic build cars from SEMA and was blown away! I didn’t think that a small American car could look that good! Heres hoping that these cars become more popular and we see similar models from Detroit in the future!

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