Super GT 2013 (You Feeling Lucky?: by Derek James)

The 2013 season if the Formula Forza Super GT has met its conclusion. After eight rounds the championship has gone to Serpent Racing. A big congratulations to them for the win and a great season. In JET news, FMS Senna took the Drivers Championship for JETVets, his first overall championship win and also a first for JET. We are over the moon with his performance in only his first season with JET!
FerrariFanatic9 took the win in B lobby of the race, doing his best to give JETVets the best possible shot at winning the team Championship. FMS Senna also won the A lobby. But after contact with XPR ChiCain it was deemed that Senna caused enough of a disruption that a penalty had to be given out.
With the penalty, this put Vets and Serpent at a dead tie for the Team Championship win. But the tiebreaker was least penalty points received, and Serpent had received less.
So again, congrats to Serpent for the well deserved win. We will for sure be back on FormulaForza for Forza 5. We loon forward to more great racing, great podcasts and all the fun that this blog is. So see you guys next week!


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