Going into this first Blog there were a few topics I thought I would have a go writing about. But after great debate I’ve settled on the wagon. No, not the imaginary carriage that alcoholics, drug addicts, and sports fans ride on. I’ve chosen the vehicle that used to be at the forefront of family transportation.
As of the early to mid 2000’s the wagon really had a fallout with the general public. With the crossover being brought onto the market and the full size SUV gaining popularity, the wagon fell by the wayside. It became slow, dim witted, and began to fade from the company lineups. The minivan had become the choice for family transportation. This wasn’t always the case though.
Back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the wagon ruled the family vehicle market. In Detroit they were shoehorning their biggest and most powerful motors into their family cars. Their wagons could take on any muscle car in the quarter mile, and leave it in the dust. It was a completely different story in Europe though.
Yes they put big motors and big power into their “estates”, but they added something else, sophistication. These were cars that young men lusted after. They symbolized everything about the modern man at the time. They were fast, completely capable, spacious, smart, luxurious, but easy to drive in the twisty bits. You could go skiing on an Alp, throw your equipment in the back, blitz down the autobahn, then set a mega lap around the Nurburgring. All while carrying four of your friends and their equipment.
Mercedes/Amg had the 300te “Hammer” Wagon, Audi had the S2, and BMW/Alpina had the B10/5series estate.
Now don’t get me wrong. There were a few bright spots in the early nineties from the likes of Audi, BMW, Volvo, and Subaru, but with the minivan and the crossover about killed the breed.
Back to the present. Almost every European company now had a fast wagon/estate in their lineup. With everyone having their “Monster estates”. Cadillac even joined the party with the CTS-V wagon. So in my opinion the future looks bright for the wagon.






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