Killing it at the Nurburgring

With last weekend approaching JET Motorsport kicked it into high gear. With the help of  The Bulin Wall5, JET was able to get a lights out setup for the Acuras  to get them in competitive shape. With the recording of the podcast by Derek, Brad, and Ryan concluding, qualifying commenced.

At the conclusion of qualifying, Magnum278 put the Amg powered Acura on the second row! The third row contained JET drivers ChickenMcHagard and AdamWatson99. JamesHall94 landed the second Amg Acura in eighth place. Wennaj rounded out the Group A onslaught by placing the second Lotus on the final row of the lobby.

At 3:00pm Sunday morning, the race launched with Magnum278 spending almost the entire race glued to the back bumper of Midnight Performance Development Driver J0hhny2Shoe’s rear bumper. Until the MPD Driver lagged out of the lobby late in the race. Magnum continued pushing till he caught up to Bosh Tech Racing driver InFlamess. Due to strategy InFlamess let Magnum by with four laps to go.

JamesHall94, AdamWatson99, and ChickenMcHagard had great races too. James battled it out with Adam for a few laps until Adam pitted and had trouble controlling the car on cold tires. Thus causing him to lose time.  James pretty much ran all alone until the end of the race.

Adam battled it out with the remaining Serpent Racing driver XPR Roadrunner after exiting the pits. The battle raged on through the rest of the race. With Adam coming out on top of the Ferrari pilot.

Chicken McHagard (Dan Jump)  had an amazing first race for JET, after qualifying the Lotus on the third row, he proceeded to keep the show up during the race. After losing three spots on the first lap, he kept the pace up and ran an impressive race in the Lotus/Mazda. This weekend being his best overall performance ever as an R1 driver. Yes, he has finished higher, but this was his best qualifying position ever. After only losing three positions overall in his first outing in the car and resetting his personal best qualifying position, it is safe to say we are very happy to have Dan onboard.

This was JET best ever showing in any Formula Forza race. Magnum278 finished the race in second, tieing his best ever finish in FF. JamesHall94 and AdamWatson99 crossed the line in 5th and 6th. ChickenMcHagard finished 8th. Wennaj, after having troubles keeping the car under control, rounded up the JET onslaught in 12th.

We are very proud of all our drivers and can’t wait to ship the cars and take the track in Italy at Mugello. See you there!

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