Last weekend results

With the conclusion of the Monserrat GP (LLBM V8’s) and the GP of Sonoma (Formula Forza R1), here is the rundown of how the weekend went. For the inaugural GP of Sonoma JET had a great performance in qualifying with Wennaj and JamesHall94 each making it into group A. While Magnum278, AdamWatson99, FerrariFanatic9, ChickenMcHagard, fwmastodon, and THAToneDude 511, making group B. After each of the lobbies had concluded JamesHall94 came out on top while Magnum278 took the group B win. Another notable performance came from fwmastodon who gained ten positions overall and set the highest finishing position for JET FW (17th)
In LLBM V8’s Magnum278 finished 6th overall while JamesHall94 (13th), Wennaj(19th), ChickenMcHagard (21st), and FerrariFanatic9 (22nd) all put in great performances. All in all last weekend, JET tallied up a total of 348 points in all competitions! This weekend the R1 cars get the week off while the V8’s head to the Hockenheimring for 22 laps of door-to-door racing! See you there!

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